2018 Az 3-wall Shootout Date is March 3 2018

Mark your calendar for this premier event!!   Note  Due to the historic increase in teams we will be doing regular brackets for this great tournament.  Play will start at 8:30 a.m. with the last match scheduled at 1. The BBQ will be held at Los Olivos Park immediately afterward. 


Are you ready to push yourself to the next level?

More tactical than racquetball, faster than tennis, and demanding more precision and stamina than any racquet sport, handball is the ultimate court game.

According to various studies, handball outpaces every other team sport. With the exception of perhaps activities such as running or swimming, our sport is one of the best cardiovascular exercises one can do while having fun! Consider the following study from Harvard University measuring calories burned in 30 minutes for various physical activities:

125 pound person 155 pound person 185 pound person
Handball 360 446 533
Badminton 135 167 200
Tennis 210 260 311
Racquetball____ 300 372 444

Just for fun, here's a comparison to other intensive sports:

125 pound person 155 pound person 185 pound person
Wrestling 180 223 266
Basketball 240 298 355
Football 270 335 400
Boxing 270 335 400
Rock climbing__ 330 409 488